A downloadable egaR for Windows

Ready to get Raged?

ageR is a Skill-Based Platformer, made so hard it's even a nightmare for me, the developer to complete.

The main objective of the game is to connect the 5 torches split at the end of every level, in order to escape the Matrix Room.

But nothing is easy! Some mind games and trolls are placed all around the game. Maybe wanting to start means restarting the game? Test egaR out, to prove your skills and remember, nothing is obvious in here.

.etelpmoc ot repoleved eht ,em rof eramthgin a neve s'ti drah os edam ,remroftalP desaB-llikS a si Rage. RaGe. RAGE.

(This game was part of the Extra Credits Jam #4. However, I have plans to continue development on the game for later on.)


Extra Credits Game Jam #4 egaR Installer 3 MB

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